Bambu Scaffolding Projects


Here are some of our recent Scaffolding projects completed in the Hull and  Yorkshire areas:


Case Study: KC Stadium, Hull 

End Client:          Philips LED

Project:                Installation of LED Lights

Requirements:   Scaffolding

Contractor:         NEC Services

Following receipt of a prestigious order for scaffolding from Philips LED Lighting, NEC Services recognised they would need a scaffolding contractor that could provide a high-quality technical service in a short tight timeframe.

Bambu Scaffolding were more than ready to take up this challenge knowing there would be no room for error or any corners to cut.


Peasholm Park, Scarborough

Project:                     Bridge Strengthening

Location:                  Peasholm Park, Scarborough

Requirements:        Truss Out Scaffolding

Contractor:              PBS Construction

Start Date:               January 2016

Finish Date:             May 2016


This was a fantastic project for Bambu, working alongside PBS construction, the perfect platform to showcase just what we are capable of. 

Bambu scaffolding projects
Bambu scaffolding projects
Bambu scaffolding projects
Bambu scaffolding projects

Fruit Market, Hull

Project:                     Residential New Build

Location:                  Fruit Market, Hull Marina

Requirements:        Scaffolding with Beamwork

Contractor:              Astral Developments

Start Date:               November 2015

Finish Date:             June 2016


Right in the middle of Hull's regeneration area around the marina, we are always veryproud to help move this City forward.


Fruit Market Hull
Fruit Market Hull
Fruit Market Hull
Fruit Market Hull
Fruit Market Hull

Central Dry Dock, Hull

Project:                     Ampitheatre & Office                                                      Development

Location:                  Central Dry Dock, Hull

Requirements:        System Scaffolding

Contractor:              Hobson and Porter

Start Date:               January 2016

Finish Date:             June 2016


A very prominent position in Hull, central to the redevelopment currently under way in the City as they prepare for becoming City Of Culture in 2017. 


Bambu Scaffolding
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Essex House, Hull

Project:                     Residential Redevelopment                                                    

Location:                  Essex House, Hull City Centre

Requirements:        Independant Scaffolding with                                      Hoist Tower

Contractor:              Iguana Developments

Start Date:               December 2015

Finish Date:             August 2016


Essex House is one of the oldest commercial buildings in the city centre of Hull.  Bambu worked alongside Halltech Group UK who won the contract for the External Render and Insulation to the project.


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Case StudySt Mary Church    

End Client: English Heritage

Project:  Restoration of west face

Requirements: Scaffolding

Contractor: ARC Masonry

 Following the acceptance of an order for restoration works ARC Masonry recognised they would need a dependable scaffolding contractor to carry out the works to the highest and safest standards.

Bambu Scaffolding secured the contract and completed works having to shuffle around church services showing great customer service and understanding for the importance of religious practices and social events.

The success of the project was due to the on-site supervision and coordination of the team. Bambu have shown they are capable of handling a multitude of situations in a respectable and organised manner.